5 Session Caldwell Nutrition Coaching Program

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Good afternoon everyone. Below is a breakdown of my 5 session Caldwell Nutrition Coaching program. Back in 1996 when I was dealing with my health issues I needed someone to explain to me how they could help me with my unique health issues and basically walk by my side during my health journey.

As a health practitioner that is my job and would love to work with anyone reading this right now who is ready to step up and do the work that is needed to get you back to health and vitality. Email or call if you have any questions or would like to start my program today!

Also checkout the links below to learn more about my health story, “Digging Deeper” links, and resources that I recommend.

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5 Session Caldwell Nutrition Coaching Program
Session 1
-Your health goals
-How To Properly Hydrate
-The Healing Power Of Sleep
-Introduction To Nutrition and Foods List

Session 2
-Explanation of the thyroid and metabolic rate
-How To Balance your blood sugar, become a frequent eater, become a smart shopper
-Calories and body temperature
-What are fats, carbohydrates, and proteins, what foods have them, and how much should I eat of each
-Wheel Of Life
-Recommended Food List, snack suggestions, recipes, shakes

Session 3
-Take client to their local Whole Foods, Mother’s Market, Trader Joe’s, Farmer’s Market etc. to show them around and to teach them what foods and products I recommend.

Session 4
-Facts about gluten, soy, dairy, sugar
-Digestive Health
-Toxic Home and Office Checklist
-Learn about the 6 types of Stress and how to address each
-Exercise- learn about the difference of working-“in” and working-“out” and how to use both of them in your exercise plan
**Session 4 can be continued into session 5 as there are a lot of topics to cover

Session 5
-re-do the “homework” they did before the first session.
-based on the “homework” fine tune their program and cover any new topics or review any topics as needed

Once you have finished my 5 session program you will have the tools to reach your health goals.