ELDOA Level 1 and 2 Certification

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ELDOA 1 Certification is an introduction to the practice of ELDOA™ training. In this 2 day course you will cover the anatomy and basic biomechanics of the spine. Through this you will better understand the functionality of the benefits of ELDOA™.

You will focus on 4 classic ELDOA™ positions that are used most commonly in fitness and therapy practice to help improve function & alignment of the spine, correct spinal pathologies (stenosis to disc degeneration), and pain management.

Lastly, you will learn how to apply these techniques in your practice through clinical application.

Who Should Attend?
All athletes, strength coaches, team therapists & coaches, golf instructors, personal trainers, pilates & yoga instructors, healthcare practitioners: physical therapists, chiropractors, rehabilitation professionals and medical doctors.

ELDOA 1 San Diego FEB 25/26
ELDOA 1 San Jose MARCH 11/12
ELDOA 1 Seal Beach APRIL 1/2
ELDOA 2 Seal Beach APRIL 28 to 30
ELDOA (TBA) Seal Beach JULY 28 to 30
ELDOA 1 Seal Beach AUG 19/20
ELDOA 2 Seal Beach SEPT 8 -10
ELDOA (TBA) Seal Beach OCT 13 to 15