Healthy Metabolism = Health

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Great article from Jeanne Rubin from EastWestHealing. I have personally work with her husband Josh Rubin many times over the years and he has helped me on my health journey in huge ways. Please check out their website EastWestHealing!

Healthy Metabolism = Health
“Are you ready to make some changes to your diet but just cannot figure our where to begin? There is so much confusing information out there so weeding through one persons interpretation of health vs. another could potentially have you throwing your arms in the air and giving up.

The topic of organic vs. non-organic, whole foods vs. BLOGdiet-confusionprocessed foods, environmental factors (pesticides, herbicides, radiation, etc.), GMO vs. Non-GMO and “stress” are well known at this stage of the game, particularly to those reading this blog. We have a population seduced by the idea that getting healthy consists of fermented food, supplementation, green drinks, liver detox programs, alkaline water, leafy greens, juicing, nuts and seeds, vegetable and seed oils, high protein, low carb, high fat, no sugar…I mean really…the list of silly and useless diets are endless.”

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