Is Bone Broth The New Super Food

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My mom just called me and said Good Morning America just had a segment on bone broth. She was excited as we have been using bone broth in our food plan for a few years now and it’s finally catching on with the masses. There are many health benefits to drinking bone broth and I liked the information in the video but just make sure that if you buy bone broth at a store or a restaurant that you ask what the specific ingredients are. Bone broth can have many added ingredients that your body may not like. Also make sure they do not use fluoridated water.

Good Morning America Bone Broth Video

Click here for a good bone broth recipe and my wife is finishing up a fresh batch as we speak.

A good resource for healthy and metabolically stimulating recipes including bone broth is Metabolic Blueprint Cookbook by Josh and Jeanne Rubin. TASTY GOODNESS!