Thank You JP/ Learning About Primal Pattern Movements

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In about 2006, I was taking the HLC 1 course at the CHEK Institute in San Diego when I saw this red headed guy working out when our class was on a break. I was amazed at the different movements and exercises he was doing. I came to learn his name was none another then JP Sears and I soon started working with him on my personal exercise and health needs. I also learned from reading Paul Chek’s book “How to Eat, Move and Be Healthy” that the movements were called the “primal pattern movements” and I wanted to learn as much about them as I could. The primal pattern movements include pushing, pulling, lunging, squatting, bending, twisting, and gait.

Fast forward to 2010, I wanted an easy way to teach my physical education students how to train the entire body. Using the primal pattern movements would be an easy way for them to understand how to do that. I met with JP and he was nice enough to shoot a couple videos with me explaining each movement and some exercises for each. You can see two of the videos below and click here to see all seven videos.

For those of you who are starting to look into health, nutrition, and exercise, I highly recommend buying “How to Eat, Move and Be Healthy” by Paul Chek. The book can help you get started and you can learn more about how to apply the primal pattern movements.

If you need more specific 1:1 Coaching please call or email me anytime as I know reading different books and searching on the internet can be very confusing when you are trying to improve your health.

On a side note, when I met JP back in 2006, he had really short hair and was only “kind of spiritual.” Now he has long hair and is “ULTRA SPIRITUAL.” Enjoy the bonus video below. I miss JP’s sense of humor and caring heart since he moved to the East Coast.

Bonus Video