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It’s good to see a Dr. Ray Peat influenced article in the mainstream. Please read the article below and check out Dr. Peat’s website at www.RayPeat.com.


Why You Should Try The Pufa-Free Diet
What if there was a substance that you were consuming regularly that was severely hampering your efforts to get healthy? What if this substance was linked to accelerated aging and a variety of common health problems? What if this substance was used in numerous “health” foods and in numerous restaurants? What if you were taking supplements that contained high amounts of a harmful substance that you were told was healthy? Well, this is happening and you are most likely unaware of it, the most damaging thing you can put in your body is not sugar and it is not gluten, it’s PUFAs. Here, I break down the ins and outs of the oils to consume and not consume and why.

What are PUFAs?
PUFAs—short for polyunsaturated fats are a type of fatty acid. The type of fat that is available to us via the foods we eat generally fall into two categories: unsaturated fat and saturated fat. For ages we were advised to avoid saturated fats and emphasize unsaturated fats (or avoid fat all together). Many cooking oils actually said “heart-healthy” on the bottle. The research is overwhelmingly clear that saturated fats are not only healthy, but that they are extremely beneficial for overall health. What is not often talked about is the downright damaging impact of the class of highly unsaturated fats known as PUFAs.

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