ELDOA 2-Spine Health

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ELDOA 2 is in the books! After 3 days and learning 20 new ELDOAs, I am very sore but loaded with new tools to help myself, clients, and my physical education students for the upcoming school year! For those of you who are interested, the next ELDOA Level 1 class will be on January 19-20 […]

Entire Generation To Go Blind

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Want a Better Workout? Just Breathe

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Why You Should Incorporate ELDOA Into Your Fitness Routine

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I felt so good after taking my first ELDOA class that I immediately wanted it in my life full-time. I felt taller, like I’d been stretched out on a rack, opening up my joints and spacing out my spine. If your looking to incorporate mobility and injury prevention into your 2018 goals, ELDOA is a […]

Social Media Scrolling

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Good morning. Facebook says social media scrolling can make you feel bad. The solution is to get “unplugged!”

ELDOA Training for Irvine PE Teachers

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Irvine Unified School District Physical Education teachers took the ELDOA Level 1 this past weekend. With the power of ELDOA each teacher can now go back to their school and impact hundreds of students with spine health and lifelong fitness!

ELDOA By The Beach

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Good morning. Below are a couple pictures from this past Saturday. If you would like to come to a free class please email me anytime! Click here to learn more about the power of ELDOA!

ELDOA 1 Training Seal Beach

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Click here to sign-up today! ELDOA 1 Education | SEAL BEACH with Bryce Location: Beach Fitness, SB Price: $599 Date: October 28 & 29, 2017 Location: Beach Fitness, Seal Beach ELDOA 1 Education is an introduction to the practice of ELDOA training. In this 2 day course you will cover the anatomy and basic biomechanics […]

ELDOA By The Beach

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Good morning people. I will be a teaching an ELDOA class this coming Saturday 10/7 at 10am on the grass area next to the Beachcomber hotel in San Clemente. Bring a towel and water and please let me know if you will be attending. Click here to learn more about the power of ELDOA!

3 Benefits of a Tech Free Workout

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